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Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's Bridget?

This girl can sleep anywhere! Sometimes she will actually climb into bed for a nap but sometimes she is just so busy playing she will make a bed from anything; a chair or even a plastic storage container as you can see. I will also include a couple of videos. It gets quiet when the camera comes out... :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Food Storage

So we decided to use some of our tax return to invest in a rotation shelf thing for our food storage. We still don't have a lot but it's a start. We didn't really want it out in the garage so it's in our kitchen. It looks a little odd because our kitchen is small already but it's convenient and we always know what we have on hand and need to buy more of. Anyway exciting stuff for us!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tiger Lily

Meet the newest member of our family. We had been talking about getting a cat again but since I had received a hamster Dave said no more animals. 'Luckily' that hamster didn't make it through the night and we were able to get a kitty. We went on Tuesday to the animal shelter to look at cats. We all found one we really liked but then I suggested that we could always come back another day and see if there were any others we liked better--Dave asked when they usually got more cats in. (Thursday is the day by the way.) So Dave said oh so you put them in the back room and switch them out? The girl got this look on her face, like no... then said they get put down. Dave then got a soft spot for this kitty and wanted to save her life. We adopted this sweet cat. She is loved by all! She is picked up and carried by a 2 yr old and not even one bite or scratch yet! She has a cute meow too, not the annoying kind, but she is still quiet. Oh and the kids picked out the name Tiger Lily, from Peter Pan.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Hamster

So, there is a website called freecycle, where one obtains things... for free. Last night, against my wishes, and even despite my telling her no, Amber gets this Hamster for free. The Johnsons have extended their love and kindness to a new animal... i'm not sure it had a name, and if it didn't... it never will. I just received a IM from my wife, explaining that Travis my #2 kid went to go play with hammy ( just gave it a name) and it wouldn't move... After some contemplation, he made the connection... You know how Grandpa Belnap died cuz he was old, well I think the Hamster was like Grandpa Belnap.

I took this opportunity to make sure my wife knew that I had told her no, and to solidify my position as the pants wearer in the family. Good thing we have a comfy couch. :)

And so in under 12 hours the Johnsons went from being a Hamster Home, to being Hamsterless. My Oldest is as school, and doesn't know yet. I figured we should cover it up, and tell her it was all a dream. Tell her we never got a hamster.